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Home that lasts hundreds of years?
This project has a number of nice ideas. This, or cob or other earthen construction works best in drylands or in cooler, sunny climates where the mass heat gain is helpful. I like the community fire pit! 

There are a number of ways this design could be improved upon with a whole systems design viewpoint. What would you change or add?
I like the intimacy of the homes with one another. I would think it would make for a great community building project. I see too much grass. It would have been nice to give each house a bit of area to grow things for the community. One person already has chickens Maybe Sally could grow onions and Bob could grow peppers and so on. Great start, there's just so much more potential (water harvesting, solar, grey water) even as it sits today. Just a few of my thoughts. 
Good ideas!

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