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Welcome! - steve - 01-17-2022

This forum is serving the permaculture community in Florida and outside, especially our students and clients, for anyone who like having an online permaculture community with like minded people. The purpose is to allow a safe environment where you can learn from each other as well as reach us.

Dedicated forums exist for each online and in-person class where they can talk and share with each other. Another dedicated forum exists for all graduates. Let us know if you have a need not yet covered but should have its own category, you can request it in Requests for new forums under the Open Permaculture Forum. 

We want to keep the subjects related to permaculture and things around it, but there are no particular subjects that are tabu, common sense should dictate why you would post what you post. If it is helpful it should be OK. It's pretty hard to include politics, especially how divided the country is right now. Setting a good example is probably the best way to get someone interested in learning and using permaculture, which is what we are all about.

Our posting policy is simple; treat others the way you like to be treated using good and friendly manners. Please refrain from sharing how someone may not have your intelligence or experience and good sense. Being helpful is a most desirable trait here.

This forum is rated G, as in general, all ages.

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